Monday, September 29, 2008

African Elephants

2010 World Cup or earlier? Who knows, but I'm very excited.


AmyBoB said...

A Fricken Elephant.(ba dum bum CHH!.. hehe) yes i'm excited too... .. hmmm i dont know which is better... we could plan some other big trip for this year and go next year.. but which one? or, we could go see the rhinos and gorillas this year and do something else in 2010.. by the way did i mention i hate computers.. i think i made some wierd account for myself and i dont know if i even had to do that. . whatever, .. so now i have a google account, ... OH! and i realized i never explained the "BoB" on my superhero boobs.. i forgot that everyone doesnt know that my nickname is BoB.. so it wasnt just randomly written there. i've been AmyBoB since grade school. ok. i'm blabbing. :)

Justin & Amy said...

It's alright to hate computers. You are not required to keep anything up to date here unless you want to. I'll just post our ideas for trips from time to time and then also provide you with updates here from bitter cold Michigan. Just another way for us to stay in touch while you are away.